Whitening improves your problem skin

Are you confused about the word “blank”, especially if the word is used on the skin, it seems a bit far-fetched.

However, Gap Year, which is popular in Europe and the United States, tells us that the skin also needs proper rest and adjustment. Your bottles and jars are a kind of intimate care to you, but sometimes it makes the skin feel burdened.

Let your skin take a vacation.

  Europe and the United States Gap Year is popular in Europe and America, Gap Year is very popular as a new vocabulary, Gap is gap, Year is year, meaning gap year, gap year, it refers to young people before entering college, because they are not sure of their ownIn the future, if you do n’t understand your own interests, you should act in the military in the future, so it takes one to two years to understand the surroundings, understand the society, and clarify your thoughts and delay school.

  Your skin also needs to be “blank”. Here we define it as a more responsible attitude towards life, a period of self-emptiness, and a rational act of investing in yourself.

Today, everyone is a fast-moving gear, and everyone ‘s life is similar. Under the impermeable social pressure “tree shade”, the gap year means being free from repetition and never knowingly busy.Ascension in the hurdle means regaining the ability to think about problems.

Even so, the skin is overwhelmed by the busy life state, and the irrational behavior of “supply overnutrition” caused by blind supply destroys its original state.

Properly “whitening” the skin is an approachable life arrangement.

  Whitening, improving your problematic skin. Whitening will not bring you earth-shaking changes. It is basically a “whitening”. It has great potential to leap from problematic skin to perfect flawless muscles.A large number of conditions such as pigmentation, ulcers, enlarged pores, rough skin texture, redness and dryness will be controlled and effectively improved, and a white space can be achieved.

  Zero skin care for “Muscle Fasting” As early as in Japan, skin care experts invented the term “Muscle Fasting”. The general idea is that when you are in a bad state, blindly wiping too much skin care products is not only futile, but also may cause a burden.Properly “hungry” the skin, reduce the amount of skin care products, let the skin get a proper rest, and then activate after zeroing, the absorption of skin care products will also be smoother.

  White space, to judge rationally. However, what the skin needs to clarify is that “white space” is not a complete rest.

It is not a big sleep after the skin stays up all night. It is not a complete abandonment of nutrition products, skin care products, and masks. It is pure and natural and carefree. Open your eyes and watch the skin exhaustion, and then start going out again to search for solutionsExport.

From the beginning, it was a decision after rational judgment.

Because I am not satisfied with the status quo of the skin, I need to leave the status quo, reset myself a space, and consider and plan the future skin care equation.

  Let the skin self-improve The skin originally has the ability of self-healing, and it is not necessary to rely on skin care products to function properly.

Relying on too many delicate skin care products for a long time, the skin’s ability to adjust will deteriorate. Once it encounters changes in internal and external factors such as the body, the environment, and the temperature, it is very easy to develop a condition.

So during the “blank” period, it is moving towards its ideal landmark. After the end, it may already have or approach the momentum of “return of the king”-even if this effect is not applicable to everyone, it is at least certainThe thing is, it’s not a boring activity.

  ”Leave blank” is not to make you stagnate, but to let you learn to take a break at the appropriate time and find a better way forward.

And your skin also needs this “whitening” stage to start again.