Jing Ani was born again after the disaster, “Violet” is burning every frame
On July 18 last year, the Jingani office building in Kyoto, Japan, was set on fire and suffered heavy losses, resulting in “Violet Eternal Garden Gaiden: A Puppet forever and an Automatic Note” (hereinafter referred to as “Violet Eternal Gaiden”)Jing Ani’s first release after the disaster.The film landed on the domestic theater on January 10 with a Douban score of 8.0, this is also the second Jingani animation released in Mainland China after “Shades of Sound” in 2017.[Production]Three years to produce details, each frame is burning and consuming “Violet Evergarden” is a TV animation based on a light novel belonging to Jing Ani. In May 2016, Jing Ani released its firstThe trailer, the bold lens, the gorgeous picture, the delicate brushstrokes, and even the replacement of a typewriter have a perspective in the middle of the keyboard.Director Shi Li Taiyi once discovered, “The typewriters in the initial trailer were all hand-painted. Although I knew it would be very hard, I didn’t expect it to take a month.”The Violet Evergarden” premiered in January 2018 and is considered the pinnacle of 2D animation production.Stills of “Violet Eternal Garden Gaiden”.”Violet Eternal Garden Gaiden” still inherits Jing Ani animation’s consistent success with rich details, tree shadows, water waves, and light, showing the peak production level of animation technology in details.Jing Ani made the budget three years in advance, and presented the most common things in daily life to the audience through screening. It can be said that every frame is burning and consuming.Stills of “Violet Eternal Garden Gaiden”.At the same time, Jing Ani bid farewell to the “King Ani face” in the previous works, which is often consistent in appearance.Young character designer Takako Aguiko once participated in the Kyani animation “Blow!”The production of Euphonium in the second season, this time she made a softer, more gorgeous, delicate design, beautiful hairstyle and clothing than any of Jing Ani’s works, and even can replace the front row in live-action movies.”Blow!”Contrast between the Euphonium and the real scene.Jing Ani’s face is exactly the same in “Light Girl”.[Adapted]The original art with delicate emotions. The film is a war science fiction background movie. The heroine Willard Eve Garden, who grew up as a “war machine”, was lost in the war and separated from the adopting her.A soldier of a postal company wrote an automatic mobile phone puppet for letters. In the rumor, she helped a pair of sisters reconnect spiritually and start a happy life.In “The Violet Eternal Garden Gaiden”, Jing Ani gave up the previous daily background of the campus and set the story on the fictional Tilsis continent. The war between the north and the south has just ended and completely out of turmoil.Although there is a story background during the one-second war, the world in the film is well-developed in science and technology, even science fiction.The producer once wrote in an interview that the production of “Violet Eternal Garden Gaiden” is not all smooth sailing.Although the world view is complex and complete in the original book, the “perfect human” character is slightly weaker, and it becomes more difficult to grow into her.Jing Ani’s shortcomings in modifying the substitute characters in the production process have caused Willet to change in the process of meeting different people.In the opinion of the director, the protagonist Willet is not a girl with a transparent texture that often appears in Japanese animations and movies, but is like a white paper. She is not without emotions, but waiting for the person who transforms her feelings to appear, waiting for aFlash point.Stills of “Violet Eternal Garden Gaiden”.While achieving success, “Violet Everlasting Garden Biography” has also suffered too many doubts, and some people call it a gorgeous vase with a hollow interior.However, Xiao Jianai, the original author of the novel, said, “This is a very delicate work. You need to calm down and look at it before you can realize what the work wants to convey.”It’s more like a literary film in an animation, it is difficult to make breakthroughs in business and box office, but in fact the violet flower language explained in the film is” eternal love and beauty “, which can make some of the audiences who noticed memorize.[Memorial]Putting the names of the victims and casualties of the fire on the end of the film. The scene of the last year ‘s Jingani fire was the company ‘s core studio, which resulted in the casualties of several important creators of the Jingani animation industry.It also turned to ashes on that day, and President Kyani called it a pain in the heartbroken.On the day before the fire-July 17th-“Violet Eternal Garden Gaiden: Forever and Automatic Puppets” has just been edited.After the fire, Jing Ani ‘s staff once said that the only thing they can accumulate at the moment is to continue the animation production. The character design of “Violet Eternal Garden Gaiden” Ayako Takase said that he will feel dead at work.Colleagues are still there, but as soon as they get home, the whole person is in a state of nothingness.Fortunately, after the fire, the staff found that the computer server hosting the “Violet Everlasting Garden Biography” was spared, and the data in the computer could also be recovered.Jing Ani, who saw the fire, did not stop writing. The Violet Evergarden Gaiden was released in Japan on September 6, 2019 according to the original time, and the 8 billion yen box office (about 50.68 million yuan) was harvested in Japan.The other “Violet Eternal Garden” theater version will also be released in Japan on April 24 this year as scheduled.According to Jing Ani ‘s practice, employees less than a year old will not have names in the end captions, but as a special case at the end of “The Violet Eternal Garden Gaiden”, Jing Ani disclosed the names of all participating staff, including in the event of a fireThe victims and the wounded use this work to commemorate their efforts.[King Ani quality]Hair had to be painted for a month. In 1981, a female from the Ghibli studio Yoko Hada left the studio after marriage and became a full-time housewife in Kyoto. Out of boredom, she joined otherThe nearby housewife established a studio named after Kyoto, which was the predecessor of the Kyoto animation later known as Kyani by everyone.At that time, Jing Ani was only accepting expansion work to help other large companies produce a certain part of the animation. However, due to the seriousness of Yata Yoko, he has received a lot of praise in developing countries, and Jing Ani is becoming more and more corporate.After participating in the animation “expansion” and “turnkey” work, in 2003 Jing Ani officially produced his own independent work “All Metal Frenzy” campus chapter, and the relaxed campus in the work gradually can only be repeated.The direction of the production of Nepal Easy Campus Story.Subsequently, Jing Ani ushered in “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”, one of the most successful adaptations of animation, and became the champion of the ratings and popularity of the new work that year. It even once became the representative of “anime”, and it was played out of order.The form was also unique at the time.In the Jing Ani studio, there are mostly female employees, and the average age is only in the early 30s. Therefore, Jing Ani has always been best at portraying characters, especially the female characters of the cute department, which will show the slightest movements to restore the slenderness of the girl.Emotions.Behind this presentation is the difficult production of the original painting. Many fans said that Jing Aniguang had to paint his hair for a month.After the birth of each work, Jing Ani will expose some behind-the-scenes productions. The most intuitive details are the different textures of each step and the brick on the opening in the real scene.Everyone praised and waved their hands, saying that this is the routine operation of Jing Ani.Hair details in “The Violet Evergarden Biography”.In terms of themes, Jing Ani’s works mainly revolve around “youth” and “healing”, with school-age young girls as the main characters. Although they were seen by some audiences as uninteresting, slow-paced, and without explosive points, they have won a lotThe emotional resonance of the audience.Some people have concluded that the “burning” and “warm blood” of Jingani’s style is not to explode the energy of the entire universe, but to do great things in life silently with a gentle attitude.For example, the classic “Light Girl”, it is the girls who saved the light music society that is about to be scrapped. This kind of effort that can make everyone feel the same can only touch everyone.Absolutely, Jing Ani also gradually faded out the labels of “Meng Department” and “Light Change”, and at the same time produced more animated works full of connotation and ingenuity of animators.Even more powerful is that Jing Ani has always adhered to the production principle of “everyone depends on himself and never goes out.” Therefore, there are not many people who can reserve supplementary animation talents and be able to be directors.Despite the irreparable loss, Jing Ani still carried on his creation with a love and perseverance for animation.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan editor Huang Jialing school against Li Shihui