Huayi Brothers and “Brothers”: Ali Tencent Fosun Appears to Release 2.3 Billion
As a nobleman of the old film and television company, Huayi Brothers released the 2019 annual report before the deadline of the annual report disclosure date on April 30. After the first loss in 2018, the loss continued in 2019.Huayi Brothers throws a fixed increase announcement to the market, intending to 2.The total non-public offering of 78 yuan / share does not exceed 8.2.4 billion shares, the total amount of funds raised does not exceed 22.At 900 million U.S. dollars, Ali, Tencent and the established capital Fosun system all appeared, and the three transformed Huayi Brothers shareholders.  After a huge loss of more than 5 billion dollars in a row, Huayi Brothers returned to its main business. Huayi Brothers released its 2019 annual report before April 30, the end of the annual report disclosure date.8.6 billion, a decrease of 43 per year.81%, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is -39.6 billion, decreasing by 262 every year.32%, the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company after deduction of non-non-profit is -39.6.6 billion, a decrease of 235 per year.70%.  In 2018, for the first time since the closing of the listing of Huayi Brothers, Huayi Brothers realized its net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies-10.9.3 billion yuan.The report summarizes that the risks of extensional mergers and acquisitions have been reflected, and Huayi Brothers has accrued 9.7.3 billion goodwill is impaired, and after the accrual, there is still 20.The goodwill of 9.6 billion US dollars is suspended.  As an old-fashioned aristocratic company in the film and television production industry, Huayi Brothers took the lead in controlling the blank project in 2019. On the last day before New Year’s Day 2019, Huayi Brothers issued a letter from Wang Zhonglei to all employees on the WeChat public account.Zhong said, “2019 is the 25th anniversary of the founding of Huayi Brothers and the most difficult year since the founding.Regardless of the schedule adjustment of “Babai”, the main control project of Huayi Brothers’ film cast is blank this year.As a media company with content production as its core competitiveness, such mistakes can be fatal.Nearly five months have passed in 2020. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the release time of “Babai” is still unknown.Some film and television industry commentators told Sauna and Yewang that “Babai” may have the ability to impact 2 billion box office movies.  Huayi Brothers, which focuses on the crisis, is also making adjustments. The annual report shows that in 2019, the company made a full and active adjustment to its business structure and asset structure, and concentrated all resources to implement the new business model of “television + real scene” to promote the company’s return to health.Fast lane of development.  Returning to the main business is the theme of Huayi Brothers in 2019.In 2019, Huayi Brothers gradually divested some of its assets.  On the evening of September 3, 2019, Huayi Brothers issued an announcement that the company and its wholly-owned Sun Huayi International Investment and Glena Holdings reached an agreement that Huayi International Investment intends to hold GDC Company2.4.4 billion shares, accounting for approximately 90% of GDC’s issued share merger.5%, all transferred to Glena Holdings.  Under this transaction, the equity transfer price that Huayi Brothers should obtain is 55 million US dollars, which is approximately 3 in RMB.900 million yuan.  On January 1, Huayi Brothers once again announced that Huayi Huyu, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, had reached an agreement with Chen Yingkui. Huayi Huyu planned to transfer 4% of its shares in the selling network to Chen Yingkui at a price of 904Ten thousand yuan.  The announcement shows that in 2018, the selling network replaced 1011.0.90 million yuan, expected to intensify in 2019, replacing 9423 from January to November.1 million yuan.After the completion of this transaction, Huayi Huyu participates in holding 47% of the shares in “Selling Block Network”, but “Selling Block Network” will no longer replace the scope of Huayi Brothers’ consolidated statement.  Huayi Brothers and “Brothers” shot 2.3 billion yuan to increase Huayi’s siege termination. On December 31, 2019, Huayi Brothers’ monetary capital balance was 5.5.4 billion, with a short-term loan of 20.8.7 billion, non-current debt due within one year is 6.6.7 billion US dollars, when the money cannot cover the debt within one year, there is a possibility of a liquidity crisis. Today, Huayi Brothers is “lack of money”.  At the same time when the annual report was released, Huayi Brothers threw a fixed increase announcement to the market. The plan for the non-public issuance of A shares said that Huayi Brothers planned to issue 2.The total non-public offering of 78 yuan / share does not exceed 8.2.4 billion shares, the total amount of funds raised does not exceed 22.9,000,000, the objects of the offering are Alibaba Pictures, Tencent Computer, Sunshine Life, Xiangshan Dachengtianxia, Yuyuan, Minghe Group, Xintai Life, Sanli Jingkong, and Shandong Jingda nine companies, all of which are issued in cashShares issued.After the fixed increase, the actual controller of Huayi Brothers will not change.  The big brothers who participated in the fixed increase this time have a deep relationship with Huayi Brothers. In the list of top ten shareholders of Huayi Brothers, Ali, Tencent, Fosun and Wanxiang all appeared.As an individual shareholder, Ma Yun directly appeared in Huayi Brothers’ top ten shareholder list, with a shareholding ratio of 3.58%, the Alibaba company Hangzhou Ali Venture holds Huayi Brothers 4.45% equity; Tencent holds Huayi Brothers 7.9% equity; Shanghai Yuyuan, a subsidiary of Fosun, holds Huayi Brothers 2.54% equity; Lu Weiding, the actual controller of Wanxiang Department, directly holds 1% equity of Huayi Brothers.  Shanghai Yuyuan has continued to increase its stake in Huayi Brothers in the first quarterly report of 2019. Shanghai Yuyuan intends to subscribe for no more than 200 million shares in this fixed increase, and 3 shares after the subscription.81%, Fosun, as a veteran capital, has completed supplementary capital accumulation. In recent years, it has also frequently exerted efforts in the film and television industry. It seems that it is not difficult to understand Huayi Brothers.  Ali and Huayi Brothers have a deep relationship. In January 2019, Ali Pictures announced that its subsidiary Beijing Zhonglian Huameng has agreed to grant Huayi Brothers a loan of US $ 700 million with a loan period of 5year.According to the framework agreement, the film and television works controlled by Huayi Brothers, Beijing Zhonglian Huameng are known as related parties. Under the same core business conditions, the copyright investment, marketing and distribution, network communication and other multiple priorities are the priority. Huayi Brothers belongs to the related party.Complete the master control and release 10 cinema films during the year.  Wang Zhongjun, chairman of Huayi Brothers, said that after fully understanding the development breakthroughs of Huayi Brothers in the past two years, many strategic partners still insist on optimizing the new business model of “video + real scene”, and is based on the ability of Huayi Brothers to cultivate the film and television for 26 yearsRecognition of achievements, willingness to further open cooperation with Huayi Brothers, coordinated development, and create value together, this is an important opportunity for Huayi Brothers to be grateful and cherished.  The funds to be raised will be used to replenish working capital and repay the debt after deducting the issuance expenses. Huayi Brothers will further improve the cash flow situation and reduce the asset-liability ratio. Under the favorable impact, Huayi Brothers continues to expand and close at 3.94 yuan / share, change hands and accumulate 1.52%.  The big brothers made a move for Huayi Brothers and also supervised the development of Huayi Brothers. The announcement showed that strategic investors have the right to exercise the right to recall, exercise rights and other relevant shareholder rights according to law, reasonably participate in the governance of listed companies, and in accordance with laws and regulations and the companyThe charter stipulates that a candidate for directors to be appointed to a listed company, and the director candidate nominated by a strategic investor will participate in the board of directors of the listed company if the candidate is nominated as a director of the listed company through the necessary procedures of the listed company.Decision-making plays an active role in corporate governance.  Alibaba Pictures told the sauna and Yewang that everything is subject to the announcement of the Huayi Brothers listed company.Huayi Brothers told Sauna and Yewang that the investment in Ali, Tencent and Fosun is a strategic investment.It indirectly affirmed the synergistic role of strategic investors in the film and television and live-action business, as well as the supervisory role of strategic investors after their shareholding.Reporter Zhang Yanbin Editor Yue Caizhou Sun Yongyong Proofreading Wang Xin