It’s hard to do these 15 minutes before getting up.

Getting up 15 minutes in advance to get up these 15 minutes in advance every day is not absolutely difficult.

If you have the heart to make yourself more beautiful and healthy, just get up 15 minutes a day, do a simple exercise on the spot, then it will not be a distant dream to live beautifully!

If it is absolutely difficult for you to get up 15 minutes in advance, then you can also do a full set of exercises in one day, 15 minutes VS24 hours, there will always be no time?

The first thing to wake up in the morning is to do a 15-minute bed exercise, also known as a full body massage.

The cold is massaged in the bed, and the warmth is carried out in the open air on the bed or chair.

From the head, neck, hands, shoulders, chest, abdomen to the legs down the trend, and finally sit on the bed and push the waist and the bottom of the foot to the end of the spring.

After finishing this set, the whole body is relaxed and refreshed, and it has broken through a good productivity and physical foundation for all-day work and life.

(1) Preparation action.

Rub the palms first, move the double wrist joints and the elbow joints.

Both hands take turns to grasp the palms, and the left and right hands of the boots are pushed from the palm of the hand to the shoulders, and then pushed laterally from the shoulders to the back of the hand. All movements are moderately strong and 30-50 is appropriate unless otherwise indicated., do not repeat.

(2) pat the shoulder and pat the elbow.

Use the left and right palms to beat the shoulders and elbows on the other side rhythmically. For the effect, the five fingers should be closed, and the palms are slightly curved into a shell shape, which makes the beats loud and powerful.

(3) Three faces of the face.

1 first use the palm of your hand to rub two times in front of the ear, then from the forehead through the double eyebrows, the eyes (closed eyes) double smears to the lower jaw; from the back (wind pool) close to the back of the brain through the top of the Baihui point toBefore sweeping down, it is repeated one or twenty times; 2 also starts from the double palm fingers rubbing the upper and lower sides of the crotch, and the palms are pressed from the opposite direction through the cheeks, eyes, forehead, and Baihui will smear down, so,Repeat one or twenty times; 3 rub the forehead with your left or right hand, eyes, cheeks, nose, upper and lower lips in order, so repeat one or twenty times.

(4) Dental caries.

Also known as “biting teeth”.

After a restful night, the roots are loose, and you must force the teeth (or teeth) one or twenty times to promote blood circulation and strengthen the roots.

This action can be performed simultaneously with the above three sections; (5) licking the front neck and playing the chin skin.

Wipe the front neck skin horizontally with the left hand or the right hand, and then hit the chin skin one or twenty times with the right hand back three fingers to reduce the “old state” that may appear.

(6) Ten fingers combing hair.

Some people use combs, others use spindles. I don’t think it’s as powerful as ten fingers and touches wide and deep.

There may be friends who are afraid of causing hair loss. On this point, the author has corrected it clearly in the “hair loss” chapter of “People”, which is not repeated; ten fingers are properly bent from front to back, from high to low, and repeatedly combed hair repeatedly;This will not only evacuate the micro-vessels through the scalp, increase the hair root nutrition, make the hair grow better, more importantly, it can clear the blood vessels and meridians of the brain, which is beneficial to the blood circulation and metabolism of the brain, preventing cerebrovascular diseases, and the benefits are endless!

(7) Shaving the eyebrows.

The double index finger is bent so that its eyebrow growth direction is scraped from the inner eyebrow end to the eyebrow.

(8) Scratch the eye.

The same method of shaving the eye; people’s eye bubbles and eyebrows are more than a few points of the main eye, so often scrape here to benefit the eyes and reduce eye bubbles.

(9) Click on the eye.

Use the end of the middle finger to press the inner eye corner “eyes” for about ten times.

(10) With a double-curved thumb or double, the ring finger gently pushes the double eyelids one to twenty times.

This is very beneficial for healthy eyes, but for myopia, do not use too much force to prevent retinal pigmentation.

(11) Press the temples counterclockwise with a double-curved thumb and press the temples one or twenty times.

(12) Hold the upper end of the bridge of the nose with the left thumb and forefinger, and squeeze the right palm from the forehead through the Baihui point to the Taishi point; then change hands for the same operation, each one or twenty.

From (7)-(12) is actually a set of eye protection exercises, very good for the eyes.

As mentioned above, the reason why I am still 70 years old can still read glasses without glasses. The reason why my cataract can last for 30 years is due to this set of eye protection.

(13) Massage the nose.

Use a double-bend thumb to massage the nose for dozens of times; (14) twist the knot.

Use your right thumb to press the knot for dozens of times.

(15) Massage the ears.1 double middle finger in front of the plug, double thumb in the back to tighten the double; 2 double middle finger plug according to the ear hole, like earplugs, one plug and one put, repeated ten times; 3 double middle finger in front, double thumb in the back to tighten the lower half of the auricle4; double thumb and double index finger respectively tighten the small ears ten times before and after; 5 double thumb and double index finger bending in the upper back of the ear and the front of the ear to tighten the double-eared wheel from top to bottom ten; 6 double index finger and middle finger respectively clamp the doubleThe ear is aligned with the back of the ear and the roots of the ears are rubbed up and down ten times; 7 use the double thumb and forefinger to grasp the earlobe and pull down a few times; 8 use the double thumb and forefinger to grasp the tip of the ear and pull up 36, 45 or 54 (meridian activity)Take “9” as the unit of calculation).

(16) Head and brain (light force).

1 Use both hands to start from the ear and gradually lap the entire head, requiring uniform and comprehensive coverage; 2 and then use ten fingers to beat the head, the same requirement is sufficient.

(17) rubbing the chest and abdomen.

1 The left hand rubs the chest counterclockwise, the right hand synchronizes clockwise 揉; 2 the left hand then rubs the clock clockwise, and the right hand synchronizes counterclockwise to the abdomen.

(18) Mo liver.

It was an important discovery of mine. Together with the royal jelly and honey, it helped me cure another ailment – hepatitis B.

Specific operations: 1 sitting position.

The body is slightly tilted to the left, the right leg is straight, and the right hand is pushed back and forth from the edge of the vertical rib to the acupoint in the sternum; 2 lying position.

The body is tilted to the left and the right hand is pushed back and forth from the edge of the right rib to the acupoint in the sternum.

(19) spleen.

Using the same method but pushing the spleen back and forth in the opposite direction, the two methods can enhance the hematopoietic function.

(20) Mo kidney.

1 lying position.

The right side of the waist is slightly lifted off the bed to facilitate the right hand to reach in, and then rub back and forth along the right side of the waist; on the contrary, the same method with the left hand rubbing back and forth along the waist; 2 sitting posture.

Rub your hands back and forth in the direction of your waist.

I have always advocated comprehensive integration. In order to save time and manpower, the three items (18)(19) and (20) can be combined.

Specific operations: take the sitting, standing, lying posture, hands simultaneously pushed from the edge of the bilateral ribs to the chest; then push the spine from the edge of the double flank ribs.

This method is not suitable for the liver and kidney after the hands are pushed in the prone position.