White-collar weight loss, work slimming

What should I do when I look at the gradual belly and keep drooping in front?

Don’t be afraid, this party thing to teach you to do the small tricks of thin waist and hips that you can go to work, let’s learn together.

  Shake the hula hoop?

Carefully shake out the convex belly to rest at noon, you can turn around in the tea for about 20 minutes, you can accelerate properly.

This way, the hula hoop is basically helpful for reducing the meat in the waist, and it can also make your spirit better and better adapt to the next work.

However, it should be noted that if you do not shake the cheerleaders, or people with poor coordination, it is easy to get hurt, and the lumbar disc may stand out.

So if you want to shake the cheerleading ring, it is good to use it as a simple exercise, but don’t shake it at first, don’t be too heavy, pay attention to weight.

  But when the hula hoops, we will worry about the hula hoop falling down, and the constant stomach will not let it fall, and the belly will become more prominent.

Although the waist is shaken, the belly will become bigger.

If you are not familiar with it at first, the amount and time should not be too big. There must be a process of adapting slowly.

  The simple thin waist movement is essentially a rotation of the waist, the waist is bent down, and the two hands swing like a wind and a willow.

At the beginning, the action is slow, and the amplitude is not so large.

Slowly increase the intensity and increase the amplitude.

It can also swing up and down to achieve a full swing.

  Drink aloe vera vinegar on an empty stomach to solve constipation problems?

  Sometimes we may have constipation because the cellulose absorbed in the previous day is not enough or the pressure is too high.

At this time, drink some aloe vera vinegar, which can make you more smooth. If you feel sour, you can add some black tea, green tea or sugar to adjust the taste.

Aloe vera itself has a light deflation effect, but because it is too powerful, if the concentration is too high, it may cause diarrhea.

  In order to make it a better entrance, the merchant often adds sugar, honey, etc., and adding sugar is equivalent to turning into a transformation. Although it can help you defecate, it allows you to absorb more energy.

If you drink every day, it becomes that you have added extra space outside the dinner, and you will still get fat in the long run.

  The lower abdomen protrudes from the outermost layer of our lower abdomen, then the abdominal wall, and then the problem of internal constipation.

Many girls have their lower abdomen because the internal excretions are not well discharged.

How can you lose it?

Is to eat less and move, resulting in a negative balance; abdominal wall?

We asked us to tighten the abdominal muscles; then it was the problem of urinating. We usually have to eat some high-fiber vegetables and fruits to help us to arrange meals. Of course, it is no problem to drink some vinegar occasionally.

  When you touch your feet and touch your feet for 500 times, raise your hands high. It is easier to lose weight when you have a high stomach. Then, when you shoot your hands, your feet should be shot with the rhythm.

This looks very simple, it doesn’t matter if you do 50, but if you do 100, 200?

You can take a 100-foot shot at the beginning and then slap down the next 100 feet.

This movement moves to the position of the abdomen and buttocks.

After you finish, your thighs will be sour.

Or stand up and jump with it, move fast, you can watch TV while jumping, it is simple and effective.

  The heel stone toes are spread out with both hands, the heel is off the ground, the heel is tilted back and forth, and the hands are twisted, like a bird flying.

When the heel is tilted back and forth, the thighs and calves are moving, and the back can be tight; then your lower abdomen will shrink unconsciously; and because your hands are shaking up and down, the worship sleeves can be eliminated.