Guoan Zhong will gather one after another, Jin Minzai arrives in Kunming, Li Ke embarks on a return journey
Li Ke set foot on his way back home.Figure / social media According to the plan of Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Club, the team began to regroup in Kunming on March 31.Some coaches and team members who are abroad are accelerating their return process. Jin Minzai has arrived in Kunming and Li Ke has also embarked on his way back to China.After confirming the training time in Kunming, the Guoan Club issued a notice to return to the coaches and players who were abroad.However, under the influence of the epidemic, the relevant policies and flight conditions of various countries may change at any time, so everyone’s return date has also been adjusted accordingly.The team’s replacement French assistant coach has already arrived in Kunming and is undergoing centralized isolation, and Jin Minzai has also arrived in Kunming to begin isolation.Naturalized player Li Ke also set foot on his return journey. He posted photos of himself putting on masks and protective gloves on his personal social media.In addition, coaches Genesio and Bacombo, Vieira, Hou Yongyong are in Europe, Augusto and Fernando are in Brazil, and their itinerary and time to return to China have not been finalized.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Xiao editor Wang Xihuang proofreading Wu Xingfa