Tour de France discusses the extension rather than cancellation, the person in charge said that he will not “close the door” to host the game
Tour de France announced this year’s road map.The epidemic in Europe is grim and many events have been suspended, but this year’s Tour de France has not yet been cancelled.According to foreign media reports, the Tour de France Organizing Committee is studying the extension plan for the event.The 2020 Tour de France was originally scheduled for June 27 to July 12.Facing the severe terrain in Europe of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic and the series of effects brought about by the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, the Tour de France Organizing Committee is considering postponing the event.Foreign media reported that the organizing committee will decide whether the event will be antique or postponed before May 15.Obviously, in the plan of the Organizing Committee for Environmental Law, there is no option to cancel the incident.The head of the Tour de France, Pradom, even said that the event will not be “closed.”Earlier this month, the Swiss Cycling Tour was announced as one of the 18 World Tour events that were cancelled or postponed in the 2020 International Bicycle Federation calendar.The suspension of various competitions overwhelmed the teams, and the survival of some small teams was affected.Tour de France is the most important event in the bicycle industry and the main way for each team to generate revenue every year.If the Tour de France is cancelled, the sponsors will not be rewarded, the small fleet will withdraw from the competition due to the economic crisis, and the entire road bike system may also face collapse.The Environmental Law Organizing Committee is so “hard core” and insists on not canceling the incident, probably because of related considerations.Since the outbreak, there have been major events such as the European Cup and the Tokyo Olympics, which have announced an extension of one year, but for the annual Tour de France, even the extension will not be long.The Air Force has reported that the Tour de France will be postponed for a few weeks, which means that Tour de France will become one of the few major events planned for this summer.Sauna, Night Net Editor Xu Xiaofan Wang Chunqiu proofreading Wei Zhuo