He is not a teenager ‘s spiritual idol, but loves music 丨 夜 问
Answer: Kurt Cobain.In the Chinese movie “Dog Thirteen” released in 2018, the girl Li Wan suffered from the loss of her dog “Einstein”, and her family ignored her emotional needs. After arguing with her father, she cried and began to listen in the room.A noisy song.The singer ‘s voice is like roaring, and the lyrics exactly coincide with the mood of the 13-year-old girl: I do n’t care / do n’t care about my old age / I do n’t care / mind, no mind / go away / go away, leave your home, express a kind of I do n’t care, I don’t mind the idea of getting away.The girl tuned up the music to a deafening level, which could be heard by the whole family outside the door. She could only cry when facing young adults, but music could help her resist.This song was heard by fans. It is one of Nirvana’s most famous album “Nevermind”. The classics have been discussed again (this album cover is a baby in the pool, is swimming towardsDollar banknotes in front of you).As the soul character of the band’s lead singer, Kurt Cobain was born in Aberdeen, an industrial city in the United States. As a child, he showed musical talent and sang many songs, and his family also had many members.It has a lot to do with music.Family video shows that he was happy in the first few years of his birth, and his birthday is remembered every year, and his family spent with him in laughter.However, his parents’ relationship gradually deteriorated. When he was 9 years old, his parents divorced and were kicked around in their respective families.Cobain lived in a friend’s house, lived in his grandparents’ house, and even lived under Qiaodong, and later became independent.The character of Cobain, who fell from happiness, has undergone great changes, which also has an impact on his later creations.A longing family member and happy person encounters both rejection and misfortune, so he has strength, resistance, anger and confusion in his creation.In the 1980s and 1990s, the United States had a war abroad and a high unemployment rate internally. For Cobain, the damage to the native family itself was also a painful nourishment. He used grunge rock.Highlighting the sense of power brought by rhythm and harmony, the content shows the pessimistic and disappointing emotions of young people under social repression).Only music created him to feel his existence. He and his companions named the band Nirvana, and it was related to the popularity of Buddhist culture at that time. It may also be that they drew power from the meaning of the words, and then Phoenix Nirvana.Several members of the band have experienced unfortunate families, but they used music to die and have affected generations of young people.They roared on the stage, fell on the guitar, fans madly shaking their hair under the stage, raised their hands to applaud, screamed, and showed love to the band expressing emotions for them.Nirvana is on fire, from small-scale underground performances to world tours, with millions of records distributed.In 1992, “Nevermind” rose from sixth place in Billboard 200 to first place, replacing Michael Jackson’s “Danger”, and people said he was a symbol of the youth’s rebellious spirit, although Keben himself did not like this statement very much.Cobain told reporters that his favorite book was “Perfume: A Murderer’s Story”, and he read it several times.He likes this book probably because the protagonist Grenoye and he are both pessimists. Cobain was abandoned by his family and Grenoye was abandoned by his mother. Both of them regard the world as simple.The ending of the two is also different, Grenoye becomes a murderer, and Cobain chose to end his life.On April 5, 1994, he chose to shoot himself, and was only 27 years old.People put him in the “27-year-old club”, which is full of talented artists who died at the age of 27.In 2014, 20 years after his death, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.To miss Cobain, it is better to quote his song tonight.