Mouth ulcers, eat Qingshu Yiqi pills

In the summer, the hot outdoors often makes people sweat. If you do n’t pay attention to cooling and keep your body water, it is easy to exhaust your body, cause fever, thirst, spontaneous sweating, tiredness, sleepiness, do n’t think about diet, full body weight, stoolQi Bo and other heat stroke combined with Qi performance.

  In response to this situation, there is a famous prescription of Chinese medicine-Qingshu Yiqi Decoction.

The prescription consists of Astragalus, Ophiopogon, Atractylodes, Pueraria, Cimicifuga, Cork and other traditional Chinese medicines, which have the effects of replenishing qi and regenerating jin, clearing heat and removing dampness.

The traditional Chinese medicine “Qingshu Yiqi Pill” is mostly used this recipe.

  Qingshu Yiqi Pills are not only used for heat stroke, but also for treating oral ulcers.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that oral ulcers are mostly caused by dampness and heat, inflammation of the menstrual cycle, or inflammation of the fever, which is caused by the lips, and the heat will hurt the yin.

Qingshu Yiqi Pill surgery can nourish yin and shengjin, replace qi and support ulcers, and promote healing of oral ulcers.