C Ronald leads the stars to advise that Lord Buddha stays handsome
On the evening of May 19 local time, Real Madrid Club held a press conference in the honor hall of the Bernabeu Stadium. This is the release ceremony of Real Madrid APP software. Florentino, Ancelotti, and Real Madrid team all attended.Fans are concerned about the relationship between Ancelotti and Florentino?What are the players’ attitudes towards Ancelotti?”Aspen” revealed that C Robell and other superstars advised Florentino not to fire Ancelotti.But Lord Buddha seemed determined, and he treated Ancelotti very coldly.Ancelotti’s future is uncertain. Various Spanish media have determined that Ancelotti left Real Madrid 100% this summer.This time the club’s top team and Real Madrid’s first team generals gathered together, and we can see some problems.Real Madrid players still appreciate and like Ancelotti, they do not want Real Madrid to change coaches frequently.Florentino served twice as the chairman of the Real Madrid club and has experienced 9 generations of coaches.  ”Aspen” said that the players and Ancelotti have a harmonious relationship.Modric and Ancelotti had a hug, the two chatted along the way, and the atmosphere was harmonious.However, Florentino’s attitude towards Ancelotti was cold.Although Lord Buddha and Anshuai had a hug, almost none of Lord Buddha looked at Anshuai, let alone smile.Ramos, who was standing aside, also noticed a tense atmosphere.Although Ancelotti was standing next to Florentino, the two had no verbal communication except for a symbolic handshake.  The big stars in Real Madrid all expressed their support for Ancelotti.Ramos was the first to stand up. The Real Madrid deputy said: Ancelotti is a good person. I like to have a guts and a kind of coach. Ancelotti is such a coach.  Marcelo is also a representative of the Anping faction. The Brazilian said: I hope he continues to coach Real Madrid.Cross also said that Ancelotti is the top coach.Ronaldo has always esteemed Ancelotti: working with him, I am very happy.Pepe believes that Ancelotti is better than Mourinho, and working with him, I work harder than when working with Mourinho.Even Bell, whom Florentino likes, admires An Shuai: his affinity makes him unique.  ”Aspen” said that Ancelotti was waiting for Florentino’s call, he himself wanted to continue coaching in Real Madrid, but from Florentino’s so indifferent attitude, An handsome has left Real Madrid alreadyIrreversible.Ancelotti won’t worry about leaving home, and if he returns to Milan, the fans there will welcome him.As for the new coach of Real Madrid, “Aspen” lists the list: Benitez, Klopp, Love.