How to promote the rapid development of 5G?Interpretation of “hard core” by experts from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
On March 24, in order to deeply implement the spirit of General Secretary Jin Ping ‘s important speech on promoting the rapid development of 5G networks, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Notice on Promoting the Rapid Development of 5G” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), requesting all units in various placesWhile doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, we will make every effort to promote 5G network construction, application and promotion, technological development and security guarantees, give full play to the scale effect and leading role of 5G new infrastructure, and support economic and social scale development.In this regard, Vice President Wang Zhiqin of the China Institute of Information and Communication has interpreted the “Notice”.Q: What is the significance of accelerating the development of 5G in the current period?Wang Zhiqin: 5G is a leading technology in the global technological revolution and a new type of infrastructure that supports economic and social transformation and development. It is strategic, basic and pioneering.5G is also a key element of a new round of industrial revolution, which will trigger new consumption and investment, promote employment and entrepreneurship, emancipate changes, transform and reorganize production and social relations, and promote social governance, which will have a significant and far-reaching impact on people’s production and life.2020 is a crucial year for 5G business breakthroughs, and it is also the ending year for a comprehensively well-off society.The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to 5G development.Recently, General Secretary Xi Jinping has given important instructions for accelerating the multiple transformations of 5G development, emphasizing the need to “promote the accelerated development of 5G networks” and “accelerate the progress of new infrastructure construction such as 5G networks and data centers.”In order to implement the spirit of the general secretary Jinping’s instructions, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Notice on Promoting the Rapid Development of 5G” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), which is important for accelerating the construction and application of 5G, promoting industrial innovation and development, and helping the economy to gradually operateMeaning meaning.Specifically: First, it is conducive to upgrading infrastructure and empowering a new era of industrial transformation.Traditional infrastructure such as transportation and electricity created the miracle of the industrialization era, and a new round of industrial revolution requires the empowerment of new infrastructure.The construction of new 5G infrastructure will not fundamentally change the status quo of mobile networks, promote the production, flow and utilization of data elements, make it easier for all industries to connect and coordinate, provide services, and drive the formation of trillion-level 5G related products and servicesmarket.Second, it is conducive to expanding new consumption and creating a new experience of a better life.The arrival of the 5G era will allow people to enjoy more high-speed, lower traffic tariff networks, innovate a variety of consumer products in smart terminals, wearable devices, smart homes, etc., thereby greatly enriching consumer scenarios and commerce in the electronic field, Government services, online education, online entertainment and other aspects have created a lot of new consumption.According to estimates by the China Institute of Information and Communications, 5G commerce will drive more than 8 trillion yuan of emerging consumption in 2020-2025.The third is to help stabilize domestic investment and create new momentum for economic development.5G construction investment has the characteristics of long payback period, strong driving force and high return rate.5G network construction involves a large number of investments in infrastructure such as engineering, base stations, and supply. The transformation stimulates the transformation and upgrading of various industries, leading to many investments in factory transformation, construction operations, system upgrades, and technical training.It is expected that the investment in 5G network construction will gradually reach 1 by 2025.2 trillion yuan, gradually driving more than 3 related investments.5 trillion yuan.The fourth is to help promote employment and entrepreneurship, and form a stabilizer for social development.One is to promote scientific research experiments, production and construction, operation services and other industrial employment. The second is to create new and integrated employment needs in many industries such as industry and energy. The third is to make it more convenient to work anytime, anywhere, and work from home to expand the sharing economyUnder flexible employment.According to estimates by the China Academy of Information and Communications, 5G will directly create more than 3 million jobs by 2025.Fifth, it is conducive to improving government services and promoting the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities.The arrival of the 5G era will use the three-dimensional perception of the ecological environment and economic society to provide a powerful impetus for the innovation of government coordination and comprehensive personal service, accelerate the networked intelligent evolution of governance models, governance methods and governance processes, and help the countryModernization of governance system and governance capabilities.Q: What is the current status of 5G development in developing countries?Wang Zhiqin: With the joint efforts of all parties, 5G development has made significant progress every year, and has gradually become a good foundation for development.First, the 5G industry ecology is gradually maturing.Domestic 5G technology and industrial innovation capabilities are constantly improving, and products such as system equipment, terminal chips, and smart phones are mature.In terms of terminals, more than 40 5G mobile phone terminals have been connected to the network, and the main 3,000 yuan level has entered the market.The second is the accelerated deployment of 5G network construction.As of the end of February, there were 16 5G base stations nationwide.40,000, urban areas such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have achieved continuous network coverage.It is expected that more than 550,000 5G base stations will be built and opened nationwide by the end of the year to achieve continuous coverage of high-level prefecture-level cities.Third, 5G convergence applications are developing in depth.China’s 5G application scenarios are more abundant, industry application solutions are being explored faster, and industrial Internet, Internet of Vehicles, healthcare, media entertainment, etc. are becoming the leading fields of 5G innovative applications.Fourth, the 5G policy environment continues to improve.Since the issuance of the 5G commercial license in 2019, more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country have issued 5G-related guidelines or action plans. Through encouraging innovation, accelerating network construction, promoting applications, etc., we actively promote the progress and empowerment of the 5G technology industry.Economic growth.However, it should also be noted that there are still pressures on network construction in 5G development in developing countries, the application market is not yet mature, core technologies need to be broken through, and the security system still needs to be improved. All parties need to make continuous efforts to solve the problems facing development.Question: The “Notice” puts forward some key tasks?Wang Zhiqin: The “Notice” adheres to the problem-oriented focus on the recent industrial and economic and social development goals, focusing on the four key areas of “network, application, technology, security”, based on network construction, with the direction of the enabling industry and technology.The main line of innovation, with information security as the guarantee, system advancement, give full play to the scale effect and driving role of 5G, and actively create a “5G +” new economic form.(1) Increase support and create new infrastructure. The internal is at the initial stage of the centralized construction of 5G networks. Faced with many issues such as investment costs and construction coordination, it is necessary to coordinate the layout, increase local policy support and implementation, and further develop telecommunications operations.The role of the enterprise as the main body of construction and operation.For regions with strong policy support and good sustainability, operating companies should increase investment and give priority to the implementation of 5G construction; regions with imperfect policy environments need to accelerate research and gradually supplement them.The first is to speed up construction and deployment.Focus on making overall planning for 5G network deployment, accelerating the construction of networks in major cities, accelerating the construction of new infrastructure such as data centers, and improving the end-to-end network perception experience of users.The other is to increase overall resource support.It is necessary to increase the support of base station site resources, strengthen 5G power consumption and frequency guarantee, ensure the rapid construction and operation of the network, and at the same time deepen co-building sharing and 5G off-road roaming to reduce the marginal cost of operating enterprises.(2) Deepen the integration of applications and develop a prosperous ecosystem. 5G integration applications are still in the exploration period, and it is necessary to change from single-point applications to large-scale applications as soon as possible.To accelerate the development of 5G converged applications, it is necessary to start with rich application scenarios, create key application areas, and build an application industry ecosystem.Specifically, in the industrial field, the implementation of “5G + Industrial Internet” and other projects to promote the integration of 5G industrial Internet, edge computing and other new-generation information technologies, accelerate the application of manufacturing, medical health, Internet of Vehicles and other vertical industries, exploreForm various new formats and new models of mutual benefit and win-win results.In the consumer field, use 5G package discounts, upgrade credit purchases, accelerate user migration to 5G services, and encourage terminal consumption; promote 5G + VR / AR, live event, game entertainment, virtual shopping and other applications, cultivate emerging consumption models, and expand new typesConsumer field.(3) Strengthening technology research and development, improving the industrial innovation system Aiming at the deficiencies of the 5G industry chain, accelerating 5G technology innovation is the fundamental guarantee for driving the transformation and upgrading of the communications industry and promoting the digital transformation of traditional industries.Specifically, one is to strengthen the research and development of 5G technology and standards.It is necessary to put the promotion of technological innovation capability in a more prominent position, accelerate the research on 5G infrastructure, accelerate the research and development and application of key components, software, instruments, modules, etc., and develop the 5G industry.The second is to carry out 5G test verification.Continue to carry out 5G enhanced technology research and development experiments, accelerate the test transformation of millimeter wave equipment, 5G SA equipment, etc., promote interoperability between systems, and accelerate the maturity of technology and industry.The third is to strengthen 5G technology innovation support capabilities.Support leading companies to establish and provide industry cloud services, capability open platforms, application development exchange and other common platforms based on 5G, build testing and certification platforms, encourage open source ecological construction, and promote open innovation.(4) Strengthen capacity building and establish a security assurance system. 5G has released new features such as network function virtualization, edge computing, network slicing, and service-oriented architecture. It also brings new security risks. It is necessary to build a 5G security assurance system.Escort for the healthy development of the industry.First, strengthen infrastructure security.Establish 5G key equipment detection and certification and other network infrastructure security guarantee mechanisms, carry out 5G security detection, build network security situation awareness, threat management, incident handling, and traceability security protection systemThe second is to strengthen data security protection.Focusing on typical 5G application scenarios, establish network data security management systems and standards to accelerate the formation of full-contact data security technology supervision capabilities before, during and after the event.The third is to cultivate the security industry and govern the ecology.Cultivate the 5G network security industry ecology, actively innovate the 5G security governance model, and promote the construction of a multi-agent participation, multi-sector linkage, and multi-sector collaboration security governance mechanism.Question: How to organize and implement the relevant requirements of the Notice in the next step to ensure the implementation of the policy?Wang Zhiqin: The “Notice” highlights the need to strengthen the organization and implementation of joint efforts to promote the key work of 5G development.One is to give full play to the promotion role of local governments.The “Notice” requires that all units in various places should further unify their thoughts, raise awareness, establish a sound organizational leadership mechanism, do a good job of substantive guarantees, and take accelerating the development of 5G as the current key task.In addition, it is necessary to strengthen coordination among various departments, strengthen merger of responsibilities, and ensure that policies and policies are implemented.The second is to give full play to the leading role of leading enterprises.The “Notice” proposes that all basic telecommunications companies should play a major role in the market, do a good job in 5G research and development, testing, construction, application, security and other aspects, and strive to promote 5G construction and development.The third is to give full play to the joint and interactive role of all parties.The “Notice” proposes that all units in various regions should regularly sort out and sum up experience, find problems in a timely manner, constantly optimize and adjust work ideas and changes, and submit relevant information in a timely manner.The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will also organize appraisal of the development of 5G construction in various places, conduct work exchanges in due course, and publish the progress of relevant work.Sauna, Yewang promised to edit Li Weijia proofread Li Ming