Yoga 6-type slimming before bedtime insists on being slim

Yoga masters say that life is cultivation, and eating and sleeping are also cultivation.

If you want to cultivate into a temperament woman, the old lady is useless. Finding a training method that suits you is the top priority.

  The practice of temperament yoga is actually very simple.

Before going to bed every night, spend 10 minutes practicing this set of yoga exercises recommended by professional teachers, you can achieve your dreams.

This set of bedtime yoga combs the female body from the inside to the outside, and has many functions such as slimming and decompression, beauty and beauty, and regulating female endocrine.

Although these are not highly demanding moves, in the process of doing it, you still have to practice slowly according to your ability to avoid physical strain.

  Well, let’s put aside our thoughts together, feel the tension and relaxation through breathing, and the peace of mind.
Bundle angle effect: keep the kidney, prostate and bladder healthy; meanwhile, it is also very important for women. It can adjust irregular menstruation, regulate menstrual flow, relieve dysmenorrhea and promote normal ovarian function.

  Step1 sits on the bed at the end, bending coaxially, with the soles facing each other.

Hold your feet with both hands, straighten your spine, and keep your heels close to the perineum.

  Step2 inhale, look up, and stretch the spine.

Exhale, bend your body forward, place your forehead close to the bed, and breathe normally for one minute.

  Tip: Try to keep your knees as close to the bed surface as possible, and then straighten your legs and relax your hips.

  Spinal twisting effect: it can quickly eliminate back pain, low back pain and hip pain caused by sedentary; in twisting, it can strengthen muscles, liver and spleen, effectively relieve fatigue of shoulders and necks, and reverse bad postures such as humpback and shoulder buckle.

Nourishes the nervous system.

  Step1: Put your left leg on your right foot, cross your left leg with your right foot, and place your right foot in front of your left knee; straighten your spine and sit on the bed.

  Inhale step2, raise your arm side, and stretch your spine.

Exhale, twist the abdomen, shoulders, and head to the right, and put your hands together on your chest. Breathe normally, keeping your eyes fixed on the back and right side. Tip: When turning, keep the spine straight and pay attention to balance.

  Cat contraction effect: soft spine, tibia girdle, beautify hip type, strengthen blood circulation, relieve back pain.

Treat dysmenorrhea and correct irregular periods.

  step1 Support the bed with both hands and knees, keep the knees upright, and relax the lower back.

  Inhale step2, sink back, look up at the ceiling.

  Step3 exhales, the back arches, the spine rises to the top, looks down at the abdomen, chin against the collarbone.

Repeat the whole action for ten rounds.

  Note: Be sure to cooperate with breathing to slow down the speed, the effect is more obvious.

  Lizard-like effect: reduce physical fatigue, eliminate excess aunt on the shoulder.

Correct the hump, buckle the shoulders, and beautify the shoulder lines.

Improve constipation.

  Step1 knees close to one another, kneeling on the bed, the upper body leaned forward, chest and abdomen close to legs, forehead close to the bed.

  Step2 inhale, look up, slide forward, straighten your arms.

  Step3 exhale, try to put the tibia, chin against the bed, tilted to the left, arm socket as far as possible against the bed.

  Step4 breathes slowly, hold for 10-15 seconds.

  Note: When moving the body, the muscles of the arm always keep tightening, the center of gravity moves to the chest, step on and relax, and the chest is close to the ground; keep the thighs perpendicular to the ground at all times.

  Leg tibia fracture effect: very beneficial to tibia organs, strong kidney, active whole spine, improve digestive function.

At the same time, it can massage the heart and promote blood circulation in the lower body.

Nourishes the reproductive system and improves sexual control.

  Step1 sits on the bed, straightens legs, feet together, grabs toes with both hands.

  Step2 inhale and straighten the spine.
Exhale, bend your elbows, stretch your upper body forward, your chest and abdomen close to your legs.
Breathe normally for at least one minute.

  Note: Pay attention to keep your feet straight, so that your abdomen, chest, and forehead are close to your legs.

  Sitting angle effect: Adjust the skewed pelvic bone, the effect of thin waist is obvious, help to open leg ligaments, tighten leg muscles, and beautify leg shape.

Changing menstrual symptoms.

Long-term practice can also make the skin delicate and smooth and radiant.

  Step1 Sit down, keep your feet straight, slowly open your legs to the limit, and try to straighten as much as possible.

  Inhale step2, contract radially upwards, and straighten your back.

  Step3 exhales, arms and upper body slowly shrink forward.

Place the abdomen, chest, and chin on the bed in order.

Hold this position for about 4 to 12 breaths of neon for a long time.

Throughout the process, the spine must remain fractured.

  Note: There are several variations of the “seat angle style”. Beginners should proceed according to their own abilities, and do not forcefully pull their legs.