2015NBA Finals 1 latest report-Warriors overtime Cavaliers 1-0 Zhan Huang 44 points
On June 5th, Beijing time, the NBA Finals kicked off. The Warriors were the first to win. They beat the Cavaliers 108-100 in overtime at home, leading the total score 1-0.  Stephen Curry made 2 of 6 3-pointers, scoring 26 points, Clay Thompson 21 points, Drummond Green 12 points, Harrison Barnes 11 points.Andre Iguodala, who came off the bench, scored 15 points and the bench scored a total of 34 points.  LeBron James set a new individual in the Finals, scoring 44 points. He also grabbed 8 rebounds and scored 6 assists.Kyrie Irving left the game with overtime injury, scoring 23 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists. Timofey Mozgov 16 points and 7 rebounds, everyone else replaced the double.Of the substitute players, only JR Smith scored 9 points.After James singled out his opponent and pushed away Iguodala’s East-West semifinals, the two teams rested for a full Wednesday.This is a good thing for the Cavaliers, because there are too many injured soldiers.Owen and others could take the opportunity to take a good rest.  James has entered the finals for five consecutive years, the first time since Bill Russell in the 1960s.The Celtics won the championship for eight consecutive years, and Russell and others entered the finals consecutively.  Xinke MVP Curry is the first time to reach the finals, and the first time in 40 years.Facing the old MVP James, the contest between the two is of concern.  After the opening, the Cavaliers are mainly anti-guests and have an advantage in the scene.Tristan Thompson made a goal, James made two free throws, they led 3-0.The Cavaliers only hit Curry for the first time after nearly two minutes of play.James has made two consecutive hits since then, and the Cavaliers have a slight advantage.The Warriors’ outside line is not opening up. Both Curry and Thompson missed one after the other. Only halfway through the quarter, Barnes made a three-pointer, which was their only long shot in the quarter.After this three-pointer, the Warriors overlapped for nearly 3 minutes, and the Cavaliers made a three-pointer by Irving. After playing 11-0, they led 19-11.Instead, the Cavaliers had the upper hand from the three-point line. Smith came off the bench to make a 3-pointer. With 1 minute and 41 seconds left in this quarter, James also shot well and the Cavaliers led 26-13.The Cavaliers led by 14 points at a time, ending the section 29-19.  After the Warriors came off the bench, they narrowed the gap at the end of the first quarter.In the second quarter, they continued to chase points, and the only injured soldier of the Warriors, Speights, also came back.With 4 minutes and 21 seconds left in this section, Curry caught the ball in the left corner of his best, immediately shot, hit a three-pointer, and the Warriors turned the score into 36-36.After the Cavaliers called a timeout, James still missed the shot, Curry once again succeeded in a three-pointer, after a single 8-0, the Warriors led 41-36.Chambord also scored three points on two occasions, while James stepped up his personal attack and beat consecutively. The Cavaliers ended the quarter with a wave of 10-2.Smith has 2 in this section.At 2 seconds, the three-pointer hit the Cavaliers with a 51-48 lead.  In the first quarter of the game, the Cavaliers controlled the rebound, but the Warriors have since strengthened their fight for rebounds, gradually changing their disadvantages.In the second half, the two teams surrounded the hard fight. Both Owen and Thompson found a feeling on the outside. The bench was also very powerful, and the Cavaliers’ bench was not well played except Smith.  With 9 minutes and 15 seconds left in the third quarter, Mozgov dunked in the air, and the Cavaliers once again gained an advantage with 59-52.Klay Thompson also scored a goal, Barnes immediately hit a three-pointer, the Warriors quickly counterattack.With 5 minutes and 16 seconds remaining in this section, Clay Thompson hit another three-pointer, and the Warriors only trailed 64-65.The Cavaliers had to lead James. He turned and shot a goal, followed by Owen steals. After James caused a foul, James made two free throws.The Warriors hit a replacement shot in nearly 3 minutes. Only 2 minutes and 31 seconds left in this section before Azzelli dunked.Although James made two shots since then, he made a mistake on the final attack and was laid up by Iguodala’s fast break. The two sides ended the first three quarters with 73-73.  The Warriors began to attack on the perimeter, Iguodala hit two three-pointers, halfway through the fourth quarter, the Warriors trailed by 85-86.Owen also made a three-pointer, and Clay Thompson made two free throws. After the three-pointer succeeded, the Warriors played a wave of 11-4. In this section, there are 2 minutes and 53 seconds to exceed 96-93.  At a critical moment, James hit a three-pointer to equalize the score.The Cavaliers missed a shot, but grabbed an offensive rebound, but unfortunately still missed the shot.Curry countered quickly, hitting a mid-range shot, and 53 in this section.At 6 seconds, the Warriors led again with 98-96.After Mozgov made two free throws, the two sides fought 98-98.Both teams have missed shots since then and entered overtime.  The Cavaliers missed consecutive shots in overtime, while Curry caused a foul in a row and made four free throws.When the game was still at 2:02, Barnes hit a three-pointer, and Owen was injured and left the game at this time.The Cavaliers worsened, James still missed the shot.The Warriors played 10-0 and opened the gap with 108-98 with 1 minute and 16 seconds left to lock the victory.  There are 8 more games.At 9 seconds, James broke through the layup and scored 2 points, avoiding overtime.