Gobert recovered and went out for mountaineering, Mitchell “obsessed” game online battle
Mitchell teamed up to play games during his isolation period.Photo / Social Media On March 29, in Mitchell, after the two Jazz players recovered from the new crown pneumonia, the two shared the latest developments on social media at the same time.After the recovery, the two realized that they were in a good mood. Mitchell called Ben Simmons and Zach Lavin to play games. Gobert also shared videos of playing table tennis with friends and climbing outdoors.Since the new coronavirus test was positive on March 12, Gobert and Mitchell have been self-isolated. The former has been treated by medical experts and has been restricted from contacting his family.More than half a month later, the two jazz players officially recovered, and they finally had the opportunity to do what they wanted to do.Mitchell was first a guest friend, Pelican player Josh Hart’s live room, and talked about his story before and after the diagnosis of new pneumonia.Mitchell revealed that on the night Gobert was diagnosed, he only slept for less than half an hour.After knowing that the test was positive the next morning, Mitchell was hit, but he quickly adjusted his mentality and continued to share his dynamics on social media to remind people to recognize the severity of the new coronary pneumonia.In addition, from time to time, he also plays games with NBA players such as Ben Simmons, Zac LaVine, Meyers Leonard, Royce O’Neal.After confirming that he was healed, Mitchell, who is in a good mood, continued to “addiction” in the game world today, even calling Zac Lavin on social media, and Ben Simmons quickly went online.Gobert drying outdoor climbing photos.Figure / Social Media As for Gobert, during the treatment of new coronary pneumonia, they rarely share their own dynamics, but talked about their symptoms on social media.After fully recovering, Gobert may be relieved. He successively posted social media videos of himself and his friends playing table tennis and outdoor climbing.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Wang Xihuang proofreading Wu Xingfa