“Right Tour” Icefield wolf “Summer” puppet Odin died of cancer
On March 27, local time, the animal actor in “Game of Thrones”, the puppy Odin, who played the icefield wolf “Summer” (Summer), died of cancer and was only ten years old (“Summer” in the play to protect BranDeng Stark died).The host posted on social media.Odin appeared in the first episode of the first season of “The Right Tour”, and its real-life owner hopes that anyone who has seen it will remember it.Odin is the first puppy in their family and is regarded as a family member.It likes to play on the beach and eat delicious food every day before his death.Over time, his condition worsened and he died in his sleep.Brandon and summer.The name “Summer” is meaningful. In the Westeros world, there is only summer that brings prosperity and winter that represents death.Perhaps Brandon’s “summer” symbolizes the longest and best hope of Westeros.Ten years have passed since the first season, Odin will always live in the hearts of the audience in Game of Thrones.Sauna, Ye Wang Wu Longzhen Editor Wu Longzhen Proofreading Lu Qian