Putting these in front of a computer exacerbates eye damage

First, the computer should not be placed snacks, drinks.

  Your usual habit has kept a lot of “fossils”, rice grains, cookie residues, hair, etc. everywhere, no wonder some people say: the keyboard in the public computer room is dirty than the public toilet.

  At the same time, such fragments may also enter your keyboard and insert the circuit on your keyboard, causing input difficulties.

Drinks are even more harmful, once they destroy your keyboard.

Fortunately, your keyboard hasn’t been destroyed. I’m afraid that the words are typed.

  Solution Avoid eating on the keyboard, clean him and wipe every time (although this is still very dirty); if you have a full pocket, you can consider changing the keyboard for half a year (I never recommend using a poor keyboard, That’s a health issue) try, it should be better.

And remember to buy a dining table for your room.

  Second, cigarettes, cigarettes, cigarettes, cigars, or tiny particles of tobacco will hurt your lungs, and smoke may run into your floppy drive and endanger your data.

Smoke may also cover the read head of CD-ROM, DVD drives, causing read errors.

Cigarette butts and ashes can cause a significant decrease in the quality of your printer and scanner.

  The best way to protect your system and yourself is to not smoke.

If you just can’t stop smoking, go outside to smoke, or turn on the air freshener around the computer!

Of course, don’t use your keyboard as an ashtray.

Editor’s recommendation: I am very worried about my eyes doing yoga. I can put the following things next to the computer: put a cup of hot water next to the computer, increase the surrounding humidity to reduce eye discomfort, cactus, ginseng tree and other green plant eye drops that reduce radiation,When your eyes are dry, you can drip a small fan to increase ventilation.

  Tips for using the computer ◆ It is best to survey the screen to a level of 10-20 cm lower than the head-up level of the eye, which can reduce the chance of raising the eyelids. In addition to rest your eyes, you should often blink to moisturize your eyes.

  ◆ Eat some foods that are good for the eyes, such as eggs, fish, cod liver oil, carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, wolfberry, chrysanthemum, sesame, radish, animal liver, etc.

  ◆ Eat some anti-radiation food: Although the computer has less impact on human health, it should also be prevented.

Drinking tea can reduce the harm of radiation, and the lipopolysaccharide in tea has an anti-radiation effect.

Spirulina and sea buckthorn oil also have anti-radiation effects.

  ◆ Wash your face after using the computer, and you should exercise regularly.