4 years of special effects preparation?Light Media will enter the “Three Body” movie will be filmed
A film company in the Air Force once won the copyright and released a visual image.On April 26, the “Three Body” comic book official blog revealed that the new “Three Body” movie is about to start shooting.The project has been in preparation for 4 years. The reason for the slow progress is the special effects production in addition to the problem of sanding of the script. The director (not yet published) hopes that the special effects of the picture will restore the scenes shown in the novel. It is reported that since 2015, it has been possible to live the news of the “Three Body” film and television, but then there was no sound.As a super IP, the “Three Body” project has also been receiving much attention.Since last year, the TV series and animated version of “Three Body” have been launched one after another. Finally, the Tencent animation platform also launched a “Three Body” comic last year, which was also adapted from the original novel of the three body.Fiction. According to the latest news, Ray Media released its 2019 annual report. In its outlook for 2020, Ray Point has 40 films currently in the preparation / production stage, including “Big Fish Begonia 2” and other films in the early stage of planning.Among them is the new “Three Body” movie.When the Air Force “Big Liu” Liu Cixin accepted the “Three Body” film and television, he said that the most important thing is that it takes time, “(science fiction writer) Asimov’s” Base Trilogy “series, Arthur Clark’s” andThe film and television production of famous science fiction novels such as Rama Meeting has been experienced for decades, and some have not even started shooting. The film and television production of “Three Body” should be treated with a peaceful attitude.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Huang Jialing school against Li Ming