Zhang Jianzhang shouted to defend the goal of winning the fourth Asian Championship, the first stage of August 1 is the main opponent
The new season of the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Super League is about to start on November 2 and close on January 21.In order to give the national team enough time to prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the new season’s volleyball league extended the schedule.The new season’s Super League is still divided into four stages, but the only difference from the previous season’s system is that the new season has been grouped, 14 teams participated in four groups, each group has three to four teams, and the group performs a double cycleCompetition, this greatly shortened the schedule.Zeng Chunlei (left) and head coach Zhang Jianzhang (right) take a group photo.”In fact, all rules are the same for everyone.”The schedule for the new season is shorter and fewer games are played, but it means the game is more exciting.Said Zhang Jianzhang.In the first stage of the match, the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team took the first bye bye, and the second game was against the Fujian Women’s Volleyball Team on November 5th. Zhang Jianzhang believes that the pressure on Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team in the first game is not great.”The Fujian women’s volleyball team retired in Xu Yunli. After Zheng Yixin and Lin Li transferred to the Guangzhou women’s volleyball team, the overall strength declined. We played Fujian as a whole with some advantages.However, it is true from the course of the game that we still need to pay attention to details and give full play to our strength.Said Zhang Jianzhang.On November 9, the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team will usher in its first home battle, the opponent is the excellent Bayi Women’s Volleyball Team.”The Bayi Women’s Volleyball Team is a relatively strong team. There are many national team members, and the overall strength is relatively strong. It is our main opponent.”This season, the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team, which occupies the” overlord “of the domestic women’s volleyball league, has joined the national captain Zhu Ting. It is considered by the outsiders to pre-book this season’s championship and has also become the biggest obstacle on the road of defending the Beijing Women’s Volleyball.In this regard, Zhang Jianzhang first wished the Tianjin team a good performance in the new season, and then he played: “In fact, the game is a game, and it depends on playing on the spot.Relatively speaking, the Tianjin team is very strong, but there are various factors in sports competitions. We must learn from Tianjin, but we must also base ourselves on playing our own level and contribute wonderful games to our fans and the entire volleyball league.Zhang Jianzhang finally stated that the goal of the Beijing Women’s Volleyball Team this season is to maintain the fourth place.Sauna, night net editor Deng Hanyu Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Li Xiangling