2015 AFC Champions League-Shao Jia made a free kick in stoppage time with 10 people Guoan won 1-0
At 17:30 on February 25th, Beijing time, Beijing Guoan ushered in the first round of the 2015 AFC Champions League group match-away against the Australian team Brisbane Roar. During the opening stage, Guoan was more passive, but it was mentioned in the Guoan scene.At the time of Zhenshi, Fei Zulau received a red card in the 28th minute because he stepped on his opponent and was forced to continue passively with Guoan who played less, but the tenacious Guoan performed a classic reversal-Shao Jiayi played in the 90th minuteIn the second minute of stoppage time, he broke the line with a free kick. In the end, Guoan played 1-0 away, and the AFC Champions League brought back victory in Australia for the first time in history!功臣邵佳一  马季奇没有进入亚冠名单,国安此战又在外援配置上受到影响——河大成因伤缺阵,他的位置被张晓彬取代;雷腾龙也告伤停,朗征与徐云龙搭档中后卫;Yang Zhi is still in the recovery stage, Hou Sen as the starting goalkeeper.The Brisbane Roar was the double champion of the Australian Premier League regular season and the finals last season. In addition to the captain who played in the Chinese Super League, the former Guoan striker Karudlovich also added a look to the game.In the 2012 AFC Champions League group stage, Guoan played 1-1 in both home and away games.  Lions roared at home with a front pressure shock. Guoan was kept suppressed in the backcourt and appeared passive. In the 3rd minute, Zhao Hejing fought foul and was warned by the referee. Bratan’s free kick was confiscated by Hou Sen; 5thMin., Borriello’s right wing inserted a volley from the front, and Hou Sen, who was very focused, confiscated the ball steadily.Beijing Sports Billiards commentator Wei Yidong said that Guoan appeared a little nervous on the road. Xie Chaoyang, the former captain of Guoan, said that the start was a bit repressed, which resulted in some defensive and forward impatience; he should believe in his strength.  A quarter of an hour before the game, although the roar did not form a truly offensive offensive, the ball control rate was as high as 68%.As the Guoan fans shouted the Guoan battle on the spot, Guoan formed a continuous impact on the right in the 18th minute. Zhang Chengdong tucked the ball in front of the inside bottom line of the penalty area. When Battara dunked the ball, North had an arm pull action. BatalaLoss of focus, but 32-year-old referee Ahmed from Oman did not give a penalty.Wei Yidong and Xie Chaoyang said that although it was a drag in front of the bottom line, they were in the penalty area after all, and the young referee was very cautious.Since then, Batala and Deyang’s cooperation has won Guoan’s corner kick. The national security front premise began to fight in the frontcourt, and the scene was significantly improved from the opening stage.  In the 26th minute, Guoan made a threat in the corner offensive won by Zhang Chengdong. After Batala hit the ball into the penalty area, the Lions roared to stop the ball. Fei Zulawu sent a low pass from the right wing of the penalty area.Blocked by defensive players, Batara shot high from a small angle.But just as Guoan gradually demonstrated its technical superiority and impact, a red card accident suddenly appeared in the 28th minute-Fei Zulu’s frontcourt forced Salota to fall to the ground, and Fe Zulu’s right foot in the front rush was obviously trampledSarota chest, the referee showed a red card and sent Fei Zulau sent off!Wei Yidong and Xie Chaoyang said that this red card had too much influence on this game and the subsequent AFC Champions League.  The roar that formed the advantage of the number of people continued the offensive. In the 35th minute, Karudlovic scored a high header in the corner offensive.After 1 minute, Karudlovic got the ball back in the middle of the penalty area, and Sarota adjusted the attack and hit high.In the 38th minute, Karudlovic was pulled down by Zhou Ting when he rushed inside the penalty area. The referee did not give a penalty to the roar players. Wei Yidong and Xie Chaoyang said that the referee did not dare to punish, and Karu was also a bump.Fall.In the 40th minute, Breuich missed the penalty shot.The national security scene was very passive under the continuous impact of the Lion Roar. Zhou Ting also received a yellow card for violating Broich.Half-time battle between the two sides is 0-0.  After changing sides, Guoan tried to raise the formation through the arrangement of Park Cheng’s premise, but the roar still formed a situation of continuous pressure control.In the 54th minute, Zhang Xiaobin’s return error was almost won by Karudlovich, and Hou Sen promptly confiscated the ball.After 1 minute, Karudlovic passed the ball from the left to the penalty area, and Borriello was blocked by Xu Yunlong.Deyang’s position under Guoan’s passive defense has returned to the middle of his own half.In order to enhance the attack, the roar replaced the Brazilian striker Enrique, who was 1 meter 65 in height. Enrique scored 7 goals in 13 games this season.  Enrique used his fast speed to continuously create chaos in the Guoan restricted area after playing, and Xu Yunlong, the 36-year-old Guoan captain, made continuous key releases.Xie Chaoyang stated that Guoan should strive to withstand the passive period, and opponents cannot always be so shocked.Until the 70th minute, Guoan Square became the first frontcourt penetration from the second half.Moments later, Zhang Xiaobin received a yellow card in the frontcourt for a tackle behind him.Xie Chaoyang said that if he saw the Gamba Osaka tackle (0-2 loss to Guangzhou R&F at home), Zhang Xiaobin felt very wrong with this yellow card; the referee’s penalty scale varies greatly.In the 75th minute, Batara missed a low shot before the penalty area.  After 80 minutes of the game, Guoan replaced Li Yunqiu’s Pu Cheng and Yu Dabao with Xu Yunlong.Xu Yunlong handed the captain’s armband to Zhou Ting, who is also 36 years old.The continuous rain gradually increased during the game, and the roar’s physical fitness declined, and there were successive cases of missed shots, taking the ball out of the baseline and so on.In the 88th minute, Guoan, led by Zhou Ting and Yu Dabao, created continued pressure on the Lion Roar restricted area, but failed to get a chance to attack.  In the 90th minute, Guo An replaced Shao Jiayi with Shao Jiayi. This substitution led to Guoan’s lore. In the second minute of injury time, Deyang won a free kick on the left side of the frontcourt for Guoan. Shao Jiayi took a fast arc and the ballAfter hitting Karudlovich, the broken line broke!Guoan Zhongguo will all fall to the ground to warmly celebrate, and finally Guoan will play 1-0 and get the new season AFC Champions in a difficult environment.  Brisbane Roar appearance lineup: 1- Theo; 3-Stefanuto, 4-Sarotta (61 minutes, 10-Enrique Silva), 13-North, 18-BulaTan, 19-Singer, 17-McKay, 22-Broich, 28-Borello (77 minutes, 23-Petratos), 33-Dveret, 9-Karud洛维奇  北京国安出场阵容:12-侯森;31-赵和靖、13-徐云龙(84分钟,19-于大宝)、18-朗征、4-周挺;6-张晓彬、8-朴成(82 minutes, 2-Li Yunqiu); 21-Fezuraw, 17-Batara (90 minutes, 29-Shao Jiayi), 28-Zhang Chengdong; 10-Deyang (Wood Fire)