Yang Ming retired in the night and lost two games in a row. Sun Minghui’s technical offender + illegal body was expelled
Beijing News News Tonight, the Liaoning men’s basketball team retired Yang Ming’s antique jersey at home.However, in the subsequent CBA regular season game with Guangsha, the Liao basket lost 90 to 103 opponents and suffered a two-game losing streak, replacing the old captain’s retirement night.In this campaign, Liaoning team foreign aid Stephenson scored 33 points and 9 rebounds.Place the main guards Guo Ailun, Zhao Jiwei only scored 11 points, 6 points.On the Guangsha side, five people gathered in double figures, and the foreign aid Alan Jackson of Shougang had 12 points and 10 assists.However, the most popular game in the game is Guangxia defender Sun Minghui, who played 8 minutes and contributed 5 assists in 25 minutes.In the final game, Sun Minghui first fell in a confrontation with Stephenson, and then knocked down the “brother” to the ground.Sun Minghui fell.Sun Minghui knocked down Stephenson.This season the CBA dates professional referees to increase law enforcement.Sun Minghui’s “acting skills” and unsettled behavior made it difficult to escape the referee’s eyes. He was punished with a technical foul and a body foul and was expelled from the field.In this summer’s men’s basketball World Cup, Sun Minghui was reused by then coach Li Nan in some games, and has also had a brilliant performance.However, when returning from the national team to the league, Sun Minghui still has to improve the ball skills and the ball dealer down to earth. After all, the real CBA must rely on strength to speak. After all, this is not a “stage” of fake falls and rough fouls.